Imedghassen Film Festival

Imedghassen International Film Festival (IIFF)

is an annual international event It is Founded in 2019 and organized by El lemssa Cultural Cooperative, accredited by Ministry of Culture and Arts in Algeria. It is held periodically every year in the state of Batna. The event is a competition in the professions of cinematography, as well as training workshops, forums and tourism excursions. Demonstration derived its name from the Numidian mausoleum Imedghassen, located in the area. The first session was held in March 2021.

El-lemssa Cultural Cooperative

A cultural organism accredited by the Algerian Ministry of Culture and Arts. Founded in 2012, it practices cultural activities (film and theatrical performances, organizing events, festivals and cultural gatherings, providing trainings in various arts, cultural and artistic exchanges) that aim to revitalize the cultural movement inside and outside the country.

Imedghassen Mausoleum

Imedghassen is an Algerian Berber mausoleum dating back to the third century BC, located in Algeria in Aures, on the lands of the municipality of Bomia, in the state of Batna. It is a giant dome and is the oldest preserved royal mausoleum in North Africa, according to medieval historians, it was derived His name is from the king of Numidia, and it is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.







The festival will be attended by the best international jury and international film stars.


The best international and national films will be selected at the festival, and we will guarantee major cinematic works.


A diversified program (film screenings - discussions and seminars - tourism events - artistic evenings and parties - honors and prizes).


We give you prizes, honorary shields, valuable financial prizes, and certificates from the festival.


Meet Our Team

We are pleased to present to you the small group of artists and founders of the Imedghassen Film Festival, So that we can be closer to you.

Issam Taachit
Festival Director
Ali Djebara
Artistic Director
Abd El-Kader Taachit
Administration and finance
Yassmin Khiter
Sif El-Islem Toulmit
Executive Director
Abd El-Hamid Bouhalah
Media and Communication Manager
Malika Belbey
Honorary Member
Houssem Soltani
Public Relations

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